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Getting a great car with bad credit

Credit ratings are of huge importance and play a vital role when trying to obtain any form of credit. Credit scores range from the lowest at 300 up to the highest at 850, but it is a widely considered that a credit score of 680 or over will most likely secure you the best car loan rate available. People whose credit rating is slightly below 680 need not worry however, as since car financing is secured against a vehicle, it is much easier to be approved for a car loan than a credit card.

However, the lower your score, the higher the interest rate will be and, as a result, the down payment you will be required to pay may be higher. Car buyers with a bad credit rating would also benefit from finding a dealership that handles poor credit financing as research has found that even after declaring bankruptcy you can still be approved a loan from certain institutions.

Financing for used cars when you have bad credit is slightly more difficult than trying to obtain financing for a new car.

However, whether you are purchasing a new or used car, many banks and financial institutions will approve your loan request even though you may not have a flawless credit history. The car lending company will then decide on the amount to be paid as a down payment and the interest rate you will have to pay.

Obtaining a car loan with no credit is an altogether trickier affair. Having no credit history or credit score means that very few, if any, financial institutions will approve your loan request and the ones that do will ask a large down payment to be made, as well as charging a high rate of interest. It is therefore important to build some form of credit history before applying for a car loan.

For example, getting a credit card - even if you only spend a small amount each month - can build a tangible credit history which in turn will make you more attractive to potential lenders.

Getting approved for car finance, even with past bankruptcy, is a relatively easy process if you have bad credit. The reason for this is that the lender knows that if you default on your car loan you will not be able to claim bankruptcy immediately and so they are more likely to recover their car - and their money!

So, while obtaining financing for a new or used car with a low credit score may be more time consuming and problematic than getting approved for a loan with good credit, it's not impossible. .

Matthew Pressman is a freelance writer and frequent flyer. When not travelling, he enjoys golf and fishing.

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