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High Oil Prices Pissing Off Soccer Moms so Lookout Lance Rants

Oil prices race right past the $70.00 per barrel price and cut into the budgets of our American Families and our strong Middle Class Strength; The Soccer Moms. If the prices reach $85.00 before the first major Hurricane, The US Citizenry may just call for a neutron bomb on Iran and taking the spoils of war; All the oil that is.Americans get very angry when people screw with their standard of living, especially two-bit fundamentalist radical regime Nation State's, which sponsor International Terrorists and send insurgents into Iraq to kill US Troops. The Soccer Mom's of the US are starting to get really pissed.

Just go to a Starbucks anywhere in the US and ask the first mom who pulls up in a Mini-van or SUV, they are just joking now; "nuke em" but that anger will turn to rage and then the B-2's will be dispatched you watch.By November, after all the United Nations attempts at fair resolutions are done and the hard line political impasse we will be at War with the nation which is building nuclear weapons to give to terrorists and is threatening the Western World while starting an OPEC trade war for oil prices affecting the US. Iran has no intention in giving up on its promise to "blow Israel off the map" or give up its nuclear weapons ambitions to have that force available to their fanatical, radical and fundamentalist high temperature tempers.Consider this in 2006.

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High Oil Prices Pissing Off Soccer Moms so Lookout Lance Rants - Oil prices race right past the $70.

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