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Honda Civic Reviews What Is New

The 2006 Honda Civic sedan is said to be one the most advanced piece of automotive machinery today. If you've been reading all the car reviews and magazines, with all the praises the new 2006 Honda Civics have been getting would lead you to think that it is indeed some kind of engineering break through. The 2006 Honda may not be the most advanced car, but it is the most practical and reliable car for the amount you are paying.

I've been driving a Honda Civic for years now, and I have been faithfully loyal to Honda's lineup. My 1992 Honda Civic has over 200K miles on it, and it has only two problems that required more than a thousand dollars in maintenance. It's also been in a serious accident, but now it shows signs of its age or experience today.

Other than these, this Honda Civic has no other major serious problems. Hondas are generally known for its reliability and robustness. Also, you may be interested in getting one of those cool GPS satellite navigation systems that comes along with the new 2006 Honda Civics. What else is new with the 2006 Honda Civic that is winning it so much praise? The first thing you will notice is that they gave the car another makeover. Sort of like the makeover they gave the '92 model, going from the previous box look to the sleeker model, the '06 model is another leap forward towards a sleeker, futuristic, and dynamic design.

The 2006 Honda Civic sedan is much more attractive than the 1992 model. The 2006 Honda Civics has all gotten a boost to their performance as well. The 2006 Honda sedan now has a 140 horsepower 1.8 liter i-VTEC engine with a Drive-by-Wire Throttle System, giving it more zip than ever. It is also even more fuel efficient than any of the previous Honda, getting an incredible 40 MPG on highways, and 30 MPG in cities. The fuel efficiency alone is a good reason to look into buying a 2006 Honda Civic, but they are also low emission vehicles.

If you have been driving the new 2006 Honda Civic, you will probably be driving this Honda for some time to come. They've proven to be extremely reliable, efficient, and fun little cars, and are actually extremely affordable as well. If you are looking for the environmental friendly Honda, you will be happy to check out the Honda Civic Hybrid, an Advanced Technology Partial Zero-Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) rating, so you can save on gas while enjoying amenities like the new multi-tiered instrument panel, a sophisticated audio system, and available navigation system.

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