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How Fuel Enhancers Works

With the recent increase in fuel prices, here is something I noticed- People will drive across town to save a few pennies on the gallon. I was one of those people! Then, I was introduced by a friend of mine to this little green pill that enhances fuel, thus increases gas mileage. So, how do the pills work? The gas pills have the property of modifying the fuel's molecular structure and liberating the energy contained within. ? This is achieved by Brownian motion which consists on the molecular movement of the components of the polymeric chains contained in hydrocarbons. Because the gas pills are a catalyst, they are capable of speeding or retarding a chemical reaction, without breaking down or changing the chemical reaction and producing a transformation which modifies the molecules. The result is the liberation of the total energy contained within.

? The main property of fuels is the heat value, or the quantity of energy that the fuel liberates during combustion. ? The volatility or evaporation of a liquid fuel is determined by the air/vapor ratio that can be achieved at a given temperature. This is the result of the FLASH POINT (the temperature at which the quantity of vapor is enough to form a mixture of air and flammable fuel). Each type of combustible has a different flammable point according to the norm ASTM D92-52 and D93.

? Now, when lowering the flash point temperature, one can obtain a DEW POINT, with more evaporation, achieving an air and fuel mix with a bigger energy saturation. This produces more heat value with less combustible and a better and more complete combustion mix. The effect of the gas pills allows to diminish the combustion point increasing the concrete characteristics of evaporation that all fuels have at normal pressure and temperature. This is why we obtain a FLASH POINT at a lower temperature, increasing the amount of burning gases. ? The enzymatic catalyst has countless applications in the food, textile, paper, alcohol, organic, chemical and other industries.

Its manufacturing is especially designed for liquid petroleum-based fuels. ? The gas pills have the property of modifying the physical state of these fuels, accelerating the breaking of molecular connections. Benefits to the Environment ? The use of the gas pills in diesel and gasoline increases the production of carbon dioxide (perfect combustion) and it diminishes the production of carbon monoxide (incomplete combustion) reducing the environmental pollution generated by carbon monoxide. This way, smoke and gas emissions are reduced by more than 50%, gradually eliminating the formation of suspended particles.

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