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How To Get Even Better Fuel Economy From Your Hybrid Car

If you haven't taken the leap into the hybrid automobile market you aren't alone but the owners of hybrid cars are jumping into the green market and leading the way for those of us still driving the regular gas-only engine cars. Besides getting the tax breaks and other perks for buying hybrids these drivers still are seeking to improve fuel economy. A lot of hybrid owners have stated that even though their hybrids give them better mileage than their previous gas vehicles they are not really satisfied with the fuel economy because they thought the difference would be even more. These pioneers of the hybrid market seem to have high expectations of their vehicles even though some are getting over 60 mpg on their cars.

For many the problem is that they are not driving their hybrid like a trained tester would and therefore are not seeing the fuel economy. Some of these drivers have been consulting with driving experts who have been coaching them on how to drive for maximum efficiency and fuel economy. After being trained the drivers are saying that they are getting better mileage than before. What is good to know about this is that the same driving tips for getting better mileage will work for drivers of regular cars too. Many hybrid cars make use of a method that is being termed as pulse and glide. The way it works is that you end up in the zone where the use of gas and electricity is somewhat balanced.

Toyota hybrids seem to reach this point at somewhere between thirty and forty mph. Once you hit that zone you have to hit the gas quick which results in a clean screen with black arrows on the dashboard telling you that you have stabilized energy use, incredibly this tactic can as much as triple your fuel economy! The next tip is almost as old as driving itself and many drivers just refuse to heed it. Driving slower and avoiding fast stops and starts is one of the easiest and surest ways to conserve gas but most drivers can't stand to simply drive the speed limit.

It takes some planning but if you are committed to changing your lifestyle and giving yourself a little more time to get to your destinations it will be worthwhile. Try to glide as much as possible, if the front end of your car dips every time you put on the brakes you are wasting a lot of energy; instead you should be coasting up to the light or stop sign. You may get to the next stoplight faster by rushing through that yellow light but it isn't helping your gas mileage.

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