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Tips On Buying Insurance For Your Rental Car

When you rent a car, you are accepting responsibility for a very expensive piece of machinery. Even if the car happens to be an economy one, the investment the dollar rent auto company has in it is likely in the thousands of dollars. And while the company needs to protect itself, you, too, should be concerned, as well. A pre- and post rental inspection can help cover the bases. What is a pre-rental inspection and what can renters expect? Just like any other pre-lease inspection, such as with a home or apartment, a dollar rent auto inspection is a quick walk through to check for any damage that's on the car before it's driven off the lot.

By taking the extra few minutes to do this, rental car companies protect themselves and they protect you from being charged for any damage another renter might have caused. When you're doing a dollar rent auto inspection, it's a very good idea to be particular and make sure an entire check list has been followed. Doing so can really save you a hassle down the road, too. A good rental car inspection will look at the following things: * Condition of the body.

Check the car for any scratches, dings or dents. Be particular and make certain to note any imperfections you see on the car rental inspection form. * Interior. Look at the seats, flooring, dash and even the roof of the car. Any damage, dings, dents, stains and so on should be noted on the auto inspection form. * Engine.

While it's difficult to check the engine for anything and everything that might be wrong, do listen for any problems and make sure they're noted on the inspection form if anything seems amiss. * Accessory damage. Don't forget to note the condition of the radio, DVD player or any other accessory that might be included on the dollar rent auto inspection form.

As you fill out the car rental form, do be certain to add anything that seems out of place with the vehicle inside or out. Even the smallest of scratches could come back to haunt you in the form of a charge you should not be having to pay. When you turn your auto in, remember to do a post inspection following the same check sheet used for the initial dollar rent auto inspection.

It's imperative that the same things be looked at both times. Rental companies have thousands of dollars invested in their fleets. An auto inspection can save them time, money and problems down the road. With this in mind, it should be no wonder that most locations are fairly particular about who they rent to and what kinds of insurance coverage they require. They're not being difficult - the dollar rent auto company needs to protect itself.

Just be certain to fill out the auto forms correctly to protect yourself, as well. Doing so can be very smart if a problem does crop up.

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