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Trailer Rentals A Lower Cost Solution for Moving

Are you looking for a low cost solution to moving or for hauling items larger than you can fit in your car or truck? We often feel that we are locked into expensive truck rentals, borrowing the neighbor's truck, or purchasing a trailer to handle large item transportation. But consider another option - trailer rentals; a lower cost option than leasing a truck to transport your belongings.Trailer rentals are a great choice if you are moving a few rooms or large appliances and furniture. Since you pay only for the cost of the daily rental and no extra mileage fees, trailers offer a lower cost solution than rental trucks or moving vans.

They are also economical on the gas tank. Most trailers offered are lightweight and aerodynamically designed, so they shouldn't increase your gas mileage significantly.If you compare the daily rental cost of a trailer against the rental charges, gas mileage, and gas consumption of a rental truck ? or ? versus a moving company, you will find that trailer rentals are your most affordable option.Trailer rentals are not just for moving. If you need to haul extra items for a weekend camping trip or vacation, many rental companies now offer smaller trailer rentals that can be easily pulled behind a car. If you want to save yourself delivery fees for furniture, trees, or appliances, look into the hourly and daily rates for a trailer.

Many times you'll find that it is cheaper to rent a trailer; and you can haul items at your convenience, not the delivery company's.If you are worried about fitting all your items into a trailer, know that they come in all sizes, and the larger trailer rentals can accommodate quite a bit. Rental companies will give you the proportions of each trailer, and the typical items that will fit into each size, so that you can accurately estimate the correct size. If you are really worried about space, just check with the rental company to see if the next size up is available at the time you rent, just in case you run into trailer rentals service problems.Many trailer rental companies offer extra amenities, such as ramps, padded trailer interiors, extra pads for furniture and appliance protection, and can also offer items like boxes and dollies to assist with moving larger items. If you don't have a hitch ? don't worry.

Most trailer rentals also offer hitch installation for a fee.If you are looking for trailer rentals, search online via the internet ? many companies offer trailer options, rates, and availability right on the web page,.so comparisons and reservations are easy. You can also find trailer rentals through your local yellow pages. Rates do vary, so be sure to compare prices for the best cost solution.Read about safety features of the rental trailers, and make sure there are no hidden costs.

Most rental companies are very glad to assist you in any way they can.Trailer rentals really are affordable and can be a great way to save money.If you are looking at purchasing a trailer for occasional hauling, look at the cost of renting a trailer versus the purchase price of a new trailer ? it may make sense to just rent.

The last thing you need when moving, or when on vacation, are extra charges and hassles. A rented trailer can provide an easy and reliable way to carry your extra items.


Cathy Seiler writes Trailer Rentals articles for her website.

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By: Cathy Seiler

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