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Truck Wash in North West Houston

Would a truck wash business make sense on the North West Side of Houston? Many truck drivers take a short cut on Highway Six through Texas and also heading out of town on the 290 to get to Austin or to I-35. But would a truck wash survive there without actually being on I-10 or I-35?.Well indeed I am familiar with this region of our nation and know where that is and have done much business with the Auto Dealership in Hempsted there, before they sold out to the large consolidator auto dealership. And I have certainly also have noticed the truck traffic on that Hwy 6 from my travels and business;.


shtml.If a truck wash was placed on or near the cross roads area of Hwy 6 and 290 then yes that is a good location for a 1-2 Bay Truck Wash.I agree. As a big bonus to employees and staff you might note that near Hempsted is the World Best Beef Jerky too on the southern side road, which parallels 290 back into Houston.What advice do I have for a truck was in that location? Well keep your costs down and be very frugal on the start-up.

Yes you can do this, perhaps add some Truck Detailing later, as that is a good add on and there are some Used Truck Dealers near there, and maybe some tanker truck washing later down the road as there are many food grade tanker and petroleum based tanker truck companies near there too and lots of building, as the area keeps growing out towards Hempsted, look at the construction also and they build South out of Bryan and College States. It's all good; so, consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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