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Why A Kia Ceed

The all new Kia Ceed surely looks very European and not purely because of the fact that it shares a lot of the design cues of the current Toyota Corolla and Mazda 3, two other Eastern cars designed to meet Western tastes. Not comparable to those mid-sized Korean cars, this model looks as if it has been created by engineers who are conscious of the need to take on the Ford Focus and VW Golf which resulted to a product that appears extraordinarily well adapted to life in one of the toughest sections of the world car market: the family hatchback class. Basically, the Kia Ceed is a small family car which was released in European market and is available in five-door hatchback, 3-door hatchback as well as five-door hatchbacks with an option up to four trim levels, five engines, and either automatic or manual transmissions. What's with the name? The name was said to originate from the Community of Europe and European Design with an 'ED'as its project name.

Another conclusion why it was named that way is it was derived from "cerato evolved" because the Cerato is the predecessor of this model. Through the years they have spent in the industry, they had received several awards which include 'Idea of the Year' presented by Autocar, 'Hatchback of the Year' by What Diesel Car?, Towcar award in the eyar 2007, and 'New Car Honours' by Auto Express. As you enter the cabin, Kia Ceed will reveal to you its real surprise. One thing, it's roomy. Elegance is tendered by its soft-touch plastics and rubber-finish switches that will enable you to drive according to your needs.

The gauge cluster was superbly created to help monitor speed, engine revs, and to see the amount of distance traveled. Furthermore, it is lit with orange glow that is specially made help the eye adjust freely mostly when driving at night time. It has digital information system that gives useful data at an instance like cock, calendar, outside temperature, trip computer, door ajar indicator, audio system information as well as tyre pressure monitoring system.

All of these features will help you achieve hassle-free ride since all the information that you need are furnished. Technologically advanced parts are as well mounted like it has been created with USB socket that will allow the user to play MP3s from a memory sticks. The model also features a water-repellent side glass which is not common to some vehicle model. On the other hand, the vehicle's exterior need not to be discussed more since just a mere look at the model will tell you how beautiful it is. Much more than good looks and comfort, the Kia Ceed is also packed with highly performing parts that will provide excellent drive on the street. Mounted with 1.

6 litre and 2.0 litre four cylinder petrol versions plus, er, 1.6 litre and 2.0 litre turbodiesels. And to answer the demand of the present generation, Kia motor made sure to equip this model with environment friendly components that will produce less pollution. In fact, the company also opens an Eco-technology research institute in September of 2005 where research in environmental technology was incorporated to the Kia Creed.

Moreover, the vehicle is a perfect example of value for money given that it possess all the necessary features and equipment but with a price that is reasonably tendered that wont hurt the pocket. Also, it will give its owner the peace of mind that they longed for because it comes with 7 years warranty upon purchase and since it can be repaired in over 3200 KIA Dealership within Europe therefore offering you more peace of mind.

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