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Why Do Car Washes Hire All These Illegal Immigrants

Have you ever noticed all the illegal aliens and illegal immigrants that work in the auto industry? My gosh everywhere you go. For 27-years I have worked in the Industry and have always been appalled by the number of illegal aliens and illegal immigrants working there?.In my company we never hired illegal aliens by my competition did, yet we always were able to kick the competitions butt.So as far as I am concerned there is absolutely no excuse for this abuse. You see the American People are very upset with the number of illegal immigrants coming over the US-Mexican Border and it is sickening.Why do Car Washes hire all these Illegal Immigrants and Illegal Aliens? Well because they think you do not care and will do nothing about it.

They know you will not turn them in and they have been doing this for decades and well you have not called the border patrol on them yet.Meanwhile; how many quarters do you think that your local car wash has stolen from your car and whatever else over the last ten-years; I bet you would be shocked to find out? Think how many tips you have given to these illegal aliens at the car wash thanking them for sneaking over our borders and breaking the law so the carwash could break the law and make more money, consider this in 2006.


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By: Lance Winslow

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